The chairman of the Charity

Gabriela Drwięga – BA degree in French, MA degree in Revalidation Pedagogy, AAA/T specialist. Dog enthusiast. She has been regularly carrying out dog-assisted French classes in kindergartens  since 2008.
A judge of Working Trials “PT” (accompanying dog – Polish equivalent  of obedience trials) and IPO (i.e. International Trial Rules) for defence dogs.

She participated in numerous training courses and conferences on dogs’ training, communication, Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy, including: 
17-18.03.2001 Warsaw; Calming Signals – seminar with Turid Rugaas; 
24.11.2002 Warsaw; Selected Behavioural Problems of Cats and Dogs; 
10-11.12.2005 Gdansk; Seminar on Obedience – by Inki Sjosten; 
17-18.06.2006 Warsaw; Dog and Human – Eternal Friends – an international seminar; 
12-14.09.2008 Zdworz; Seminar on Obedience – by Emilie Prytz; 
10-11.01.2009 Cracow; Puppies and Young Dogs – the Art of Growing Up – seminar with Turid Rugaas; 
22-23.05.2009 Siewierz; 2nd Forum for Positive Trainers – the instructor: Alexa Capra; 
29-30.09.2009 Cracow; Olfactory Work – How to Enrich Your Dog’s Life – workshops with Raili Halme; 
25.05.2010 Bialystok; Animal Assisted  Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy as Methods Stimulating Children’s Development – Municipal Methodology and Workshop Conference; 
12.11.2010 Cracow; (Animal Assisted)Therapy or Pseudo-therapy? – conference; 
15.01.2011 Bialystok; Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy in Developing Reading Skills – workshops; 
26-27.02.2011 Gdynia; Touch Massage for Dogs – seminar with Sarah Fisher; 
18-20.03.2011 Olsztyn near Czestochowa; Supplementary training course on Animal Assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Therapy; 
24-25.05.2011 Gdynia; Overseas Education Workshop; 
18-20.10.2011 Riga (Latvia); 13th International Companion Animal Welfare Conference;
05-08.03.2012 London (UK); International Training Programme;
07-08.06.2012 Doktorce; Seminar on Agility – by Hans Fried;
21-24.06.2012 Jarkow; Start by Training a Chicken – workshops;
26-27.09.2012 Bialystok; Overseas Behaviour Workshop;
16-18.10.2012 Vravrona (Greece); 14th International Companion Animal Welfare Conference;
22-23.02.2013 Reda; What Do We Know About Dogs? – seminar with Adam Miklosi, PhD;
29-30.06.2013 Warsaw; Imitation Training for Dogs Do As I Do – seminar with Claudia Fugazza;
14-16.10.2013 Barcelona (Spain); 15th International Companion Animal Welfare Conference;
19.01.2014 Warsaw; Animals in Therapy. Dog Assisted Therapy, Hippotherapy, Felinotherapy as the Elements of the AATtraining course with Dennis Turner;
24-25.01.2015 Warsaw; Training Animal-Assisted Pedagogy/Education – by Marie-Jose Enders Slegers;
14.05.2016 Warsaw; Programmes and Interventions Involving Dogs – Dog Education and Therapy Conference.

In 2005 Gabriela was a volunteer in Ecole de Chiens Guides pour Aveugles et Malvoyants de Paris (Guide Dogs School in Paris).

From May 2009 to April 2011 she provided revalidation sessions to Agnieszka, who is blind, and her dog in the 2nd Secondary School in Bialystok.

From April to November 2009 Gabriela worked as a volunteer for Warsaw association Dis-Obedient Children. She worked with Pawel suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. 

In May 2010 she gave a lecture Dog as a Friend, Guide, and Therapist at the Festival of Science and Art. 

The vice-chairman of the Charity 

Barbara Bejtman – MA degree in Caring Education, occupational therapist, dog assisted therapist, dog lover, passionate about utility tracking.

Deals with the implementation of modern forms of therapy within the framework of the Programme of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Norway Grants EEA Grants).

She participated in numerous training courses and conferences, including:
09-11.11.2013 Bialystok; The Basics of Animal Assisted Education Workshop, Psi Uśmiech Charity;
14.06.2014 Czestochowa; Educational Conference “Contemporary trends in dog assisted therapy in supporting the development of children, adolescents and the elderly”;
24-27.11.2014 Bialystok; Animal Assisted Education Workshop for Advanced, Psi Uśmiech Charity;
04-06.09.2015 Bialystok; Animal Assisted Education Professional Course, Psi Uśmiech Charity.